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If you have difficulty completing the form, contact us: 514 252-3000 p3570 or 24heures@sciencepourtous.qc.ca

By submitting this form, the person in charge informs the organizers of 24 heures de science of their interest in having one or more classrooms participate in the school school specific events. The person in charge understands that the organizers will do their best to offer them scientific activities, but that the organizers may not be able to respond to all requests. In all cases, the person in charge will receive a follow-up. The proposed activities will be held near or at school; there is no obligation to accept the activity proposals made by the organizers of 24 heures de science.

The proposed scientific activities will be held between Monday 7 May and Friday 18 May 2018. The vast majority of activities are free. The activities may be held at school or at other sites. In the latter case, the school is responsible for transportation (unless otherwise stated).


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