Space Explorers: Craters on the MoonSpace Explorers: Craters on the Moon

Space Explorers: Craters on the Moon


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Ever wondered how the moon got its craters? For this activity, we will build our own lunar surfaces. We will then make our very own craters by dropping different objects onto the surface, and learn how these different objects impact our surface. After we make our own lunar surfaces, we will (virtually) travel to the moon, where we are going to use our new knowledge of craters to discuss how the craters on the moon formed. The activity is aimed at kids 8-12, and will use common household objects. It will be held virtually through Zoom. Please join us!

Disciplines : Astronomy, Earth Science
Type of activity : Online
Status : Available
Reservation required : Yes
Free : Yes
Public : Children
Minimal age : 8 ans
Maximal age : 12 ans
Language : In english only

Further informations :

The materials for this activity are: 1. something round to drop (e.g. marbles of different sizes, fruit, balls) 2. something soft to drop the round object into (e.g. sand, plasticine, play dough, flour) 3. if you opt for using sand or flour, you will also want a tub to put it into

Proposed by :

Physic matters

Physic matters

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samedi 07 mai, 11:00 to 12:15

Link for online registration: https://forms.office.com/r/610A0x0tC8

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Space Explorers: Craters on the Moon

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